Decide to sell
Meet the
Arazo Team
Market Analysis and Pricing
Prepare your Home
Marketing and Viewings
Receive an Offer and Negotiate
Closing Sale and Signing Contract
Moving Out

Selling Process

  1. Decide to sell
    Why do you want to sell?
    Are you relocating to a different country or a different area? Do you have a mortgage on your property that you are no longer able to repay? Is your property turning into a liability rather than an asset? Do you want to sell and buy a bigger property? Do you need cash fast and time is of the essence? Of course some peoples’ reasons are more important than others’; therefore, having a clear sense of your reasons for selling will help us guide you towards the best route you will need to follow to achieve the results you have in mind.
  2. Meet the Arazo team
    Our challenge is satisfying your needs!
    Meeting with our team and having an in-depth discussion about your needs will help us understand all that is important to you in order to help you reach the desired outcome that will make you smile . This is the stage where you get the chance to discuss in detail about what you have in mind when it comes to selling your property i.e. your ideal selling time, desired selling price and any special terms. This will also give us the opportunity to present to you and discuss current market conditions and decide on the best route to follow so we can achieve the desired outcome.
  3. Market analysis and pricing
    Make sure it’s priced right!
    In order you can make an informed decision, out team will go through a variety of alternatives listed in your area that will help you set the right price for your property. Our team will provide you with a valuation of your property but the asking / selling price is always set by yourself, depending on your specific needs and requirements. Setting the right price when marketing your property is one of the leading factors when it comes to buyer’s decision, so make sure it’s marketed correctly!
  4. Prepare your home
    Getting Ready!
    A nicely decorated, tidy and clean property are the simplest things you can do when trying to sell your property. A small effort from your side and some nice touches can make a huge difference in ensuring your property looks attractive to prospect buyers. Going the extra mile most of the times proves to be a very smart move. After all, the first impression is usually the one that matters, so make sure that the first impression for your property will be a great one!
  5. Marketing and viewings
    This is our part, rest assured!
    This is the part where you simply leave everything on us! We will advertise your property through a variety of channels, to buyers and investors from all around the world and use various marketing techniques to ensure maximum exposure of your property to potential buyers.

    We will soon be arranging viewings and visiting your property together with potential buyers. As stated above, make sure your property is in good shape as the first impression is really important.
  6. Receive an offer and negotiate
    Might not be the 1st but it will be the best!
    Based on our experience, it usually takes 5-7 different clients viewing your property before you actually receive an official offer. When a highly interested buyer places an offer on your property it usually means that he is already halfway there. Most buyers expect that some sort of negotiation will take place when it comes to making an offer, therefore make sure you have taken this into consideration in your asking price!
  7. Closing sale & signing contract
    Nearly there!
    All the hard work is nearly done and soon you will be getting ready to move out and move on. Your lawyer/representative has gone through all the necessary steps in order to give you the green light to go ahead and sign the Contract after all fees and taxes have been paid from both sides. Our team will give you a clear guidance of the range of such fees and explain how they are calculated beforehand. The Contract of Sale will now be registered to the Department of Lands and Surveys under the new owner’s name and soon you will be ready to move out.
  8. Moving out!
    It’s time to move on!
    Finally, the time you have been waiting for has now arrived. All the paperwork is done, all your doubts and worries are put aside and it’s time to pack your things, move out and move on! Your goal of selling your property has been achieved and you are now ready to proceed with your next step whatever that might be. The Arazo team wishes you all the best in your new beginnings!