Decide to buy
Meet the
Arazo Team
Search for Properties
Choose your Property
Make an Offer and Negotiate
Make your due Dilligence
Closing Sale and Signing Contract
Move in your new Home

Buying Process

  1. Decide to buy
    Why do you want to buy?
    Are you a property investor looking to grow your investment portfolio? In what sort of investment property are you looking to invest? Maybe a Buy to Let property? Are you looking for a property with a high potential of capital growth in the near future or in an already booming area? Are you tired of paying rent and have decided to pay your own mortgage and not your landlord’s? Are you looking for a holiday property for your summer holidays? Are you tired of living in a small apartment and want to relocate to a nice house with a big yard? Are you planning on buying land for development purposes?

    Having a clear idea of your reasons for buying will help you choose the right property to meet your specific needs.
  2. Meet the Arazo team
    Our challenge is satisfying your needs!
    Meeting with our team and having an in-depth discussion about your needs will help us understand all that is important to you in order to help you find the right investment that will make you smile . This is the stage where you get the chance to discuss in detail about what you have in mind as your ideal property investment. This will also provide us with the opportunity to present to you an in depth market analysis and suggest suitable options, depending on your specific requirements, such as type of investment, location, price range etc. We will make sure to present to you a variety of alternatives so you can make an informed decision.
  3. Search for properties
    On the hunt!
    This is of course the most enjoyable part in the buying process cycle for both our clients and our team. It’s the time when you get the opportunity to be presented with our luxurious properties and we of course get the chance to meet your expectations! This is also the most challenging part of the buying process, as finding the right investment tailored to every client specific requirements is not an easy task. However, having set the foundations in the two first stages, this will give us the right tools in finding exactly what’s right for you.
  4. Choose your property
    You know when it is “right”
    For some people, coming to the final decision can be a time-consuming and doubtful process, for others the decision comes with a blink of an eye and move on quickly when an opportunity arises that meets their expectations. What we always tell to our clients is that “it needs to feel like home”. The moment that you step in a property or you are presented all the facts about an investment and you have that warm feeling that this might be the “right” one for you, you know what? It usually is! If you don’t get that feeling, then the property is probably not the right one for you. You need to feel like home when at home so make sure it’s the right one!
  5. Make your offer and negotiate
    Here to guide you!
    Based on our experience in selling properties, we know that some sellers might have stronger reasons for selling than others. This means that they are more open to negotiations and that they might be willing to sacrifice a substantial amount of the asking price, if the conditions are right. This is a part for which our team can be of great help to you, as it is more likely for the negotiations to go in your favour when knowing the owner’s background.

    Once the offer has been submitted and the price has been agreed, a reservation agreement will be signed by both parties. At this stage, a reservation deposit will also need to be paid in order to show your commitment towards purchasing the property. As soon as the agreement is signed and the deposit is paid, the property is taken off the market until your lawyer completes the due diligence report for your selected investment.
  6. Make your due diligence
    It’s a must!
    Whatever amount you are willing to invest, small or large, make sure you find a reputable lawyer to represent you and conduct an in-depth due diligence report for your specific property investment. This will help you identify any potential issues/hazards that the legal documents might be hiding. What we advise is to choose a lawyer that you feel comfortable with, preferably located in the same city/area as the investment, as this makes things easier in terms of speed and local market expertise.
  7. Closing sale & signing contract
    Almost there!
    All the hard work is nearly over and soon you will get to enjoy your selected investment. Your lawyer has completed the due diligence report and has given you the green light to proceed with your selected property. The Contract of Sale is now signed by both parties, all fees and taxes are paid and once the full amount stated in the Contract is paid, the Contract will be registered to the Department of Lands and Surveys under your name.
  8. Move in your new home!
    It’s the best time!
    Finally, the time you have been waiting for has now arrived. All the paperwork is done, all your doubts and worries are put aside and it’s now time to enjoy and share your investment with your friends and family. What we always say is “make the most out of it” and make sure you feel like home when at home!